Bamiyan Cultural Centre
Institutional Campus
Bamiyan, Afghanistan
Built Up Area
24595 Sq.Ft

The Bamiyan Cultural Centre will be a space for exhibitions and training, bringing together the wonderful history of Afghanistan that showcases a crossroads of different civilizations. UNESCO, in association with the the Afghan Ministry of Information and Culture and the Republic of Korea hosted an architectural competition. The idea behind the competition is that culture also makes a valuable contribution to socio-economic development, and in the case of Bamiyan, it paves the way towards future tourism opportunities and the participation of local communities, in not only protecting and preserving their own cultural heritage, but also sharing it.

The site is in Afghanisthan's third largest city, Bamiyan. A long heritage of trade and culture is seen in the landscape around. The site faces the remains of almost 2000 year old gigantic Buddha statues carved into the side of a cliff in the Bamyan valley. Leaving the flat areas for cultivation and community landscape, we site the main building in the middle of the site along the steep slope.

By using existing terrace along the slope and cutting-filling some new ones, the building sits snugly along the slope, and helps connect the two terraces. The learning and work center and the community plaza are located in the lower terrace. The entrance from the upper terrace begins an axial path that steps down the 10m slope and ends at the amphitheater at the lowest end. All spaces are oriented keeping in mind the Bamiyan cliff view and the sun from the south.