Binocular House
Built Up Area
4200 Sq. Ft

An urban house is often wedged between other buildings and the view from it is often restricted to a small gap. Here we take the idea of the binocular as a literal strategy. The view from the house in the first floor is directed towards the park from a couple of cantilevered boxes attached to the main block of the house.

This binocular tactic adds to the composition of planes and boxes which give the look and feel to the house from the outside. But from the inside, the house is an open volume of multiple levels - spaces flow from level to level. The staircases connect the levels but change character as they go upward. The neutral colors of white and grey are complemented by a maroon painted wall that runs across the house from ground to the third floor. The swimming pool and terrace garden lend a surprise to the top of the house.