Dominion Residential Development,Bengaluru
Kogilu, Bengaluru
Built Up Area
4,40,000 Sq.Ft

The design and planning of a residential development has to respond to issues of land parcels, market and community planning. The client felt that a gap in the Bengaluru market that caters to compact villa like row housing. Additionally to offer customers a choice and a mid segment high rise apartment [seen as another gap] was introduced. The design brings both these types in a 10-acre site in suburban bangalore. The site is adjacent to a seasonal lake.

The row houses are set along cul-de-sacs. Each row house sits on a 20 feet x 55 feet lot and has two common walls. The design accommodates a 3 bedroom house with 2 car parks and a terrace garden for each row house.

The high rise apartments are compact to mid size 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments stacked over 25 floors. 3 walls of almost every apartment are external walls and bring in good light and ventilation. Community spaces are spread over the 25 floors in a way that some of the spaces are accessible more easily from the higher floors.

The club house is designed to sit lightly on the site, like a bird perched on the ground, it allows the water [pool] to flow below it. Recreational and sports activities are located within it.