House Triangle Farmhouse
Near Banglore, India
Built Up Area
1700 sq. Ft

A brick house speaks with the earth of the farmland, and emerges from it gently. It sits in the undulating landscape typical of the Deccan Plateau in a corner of the 3-acre site overlooking the farmland. The simple layout allows a free flowing indoor space, which opens on to the landscape in between the brick walls through windows.

The design follows the traditional architecture of the local village cottages - heavy masonary walls and light roofs. The materials and the way they are used in a modern way make the character of the farmhouse a modern building hugged by the bermed landscape around it. By berming earth around the building we are able to locate a place for itself in the expanse of flat farmland, and also take advantage of the way berming helps moderate the room temperature inside. Windows capture, intimately, the views of ground and sky. Windows are positioned to tap prevailing winds along southeast-northwest direction and enable good cross-ventilation. The masonry walls are of exposed wire-cut bricks laid in rat-trap bond forming a cavity wall. The rat-trap bond presents a beautifully proportioned brick pattern that lends rich character to both the interior and exterior. Almost all masonry is left exposed to reveal the beauty of natural materials engineered together. The light steel is provided with a recycled plywood false ceiling on the underside of the structure with thermal insulation inbetween. Exposed steel complements masonary walls. Windows and doors are made from sustainable plantation pine wood as well as some recycled pinewood from packaging waste.