Interior of Curves
Built Up Area
1800 Sq. Ft

A typical 3-bedroom apartment was to be made into a weekend hangout. Located in the 3rd floor of large 16 floor apartment complex, this would be a getaway from the regular house. The pool facing apartment overlooking a large clubhouse would be used to entertain guests and themselves. It would have a home theatre, good kitchen and comfortable bedrooms but removed from the necessary clutter of the main house.

The first move was to break some masonry walls and replace them with lighter, transparent and in some cases movable partitions. This expanded the space of the rooms into adjacent spaces making the apartment feel larger. The next was to create a landscape of curves undulating planes that create a flowing space. New partitions that were added were light, curved, and transparent. This idea was also carried to the ceiling with an idea to move away from the flatness of the ceiling. Even the furniture takes on this undulating form further establishing a consistent approach to form and detail across the entire space. This undulating landscape of folds and curves is washed in white – walls, partitions, furniture, blinds – except for the floor which is a contrasting dark wood. The snaky curve of the white sofa sits in contrast to the dark pattern of lines of the wooden flooring. Similarly the curved sliding partition with its grid of holes, runs across the dark flooring. But the soft folds of the white ceiling align with the pattern of dark lines on the floor.