Multi-Purpose Hall and Amphitheatre,Jalandhar
Built Up Area
3,13,671 Sq.Ft

A new multipurpose hall and amphitheatre is planned in an existing school campus.Designed as a cultural hub for the school,it brings to the young audience, a heightened awareness of our natural environment and some strategies to address issues it faces in our modern world.

The design uses simple and familiar passive energy systems and local materials in innovative ways that need minimum maintenance.
Simple design strategies are introduced that can be replicated to improve existing building design, and re-present the value of natural ventilation,
day lighting and water harvesting.Weaving these strategies together in a modern and aesthetically pleasing architecture, it encourages the
acceptance and propagation of ecologically friendly design and technology.

Cavity walls & perforated jali in CSE Bricks form the main architectural character. Steel structure holds up the light roof. Perforated brick panels and
wet khus mats, let cool natural breeze flow in. Direct east-west sun is softened by these perforated screens and row of trees. Landscape of CSE
brick paving flows into the amphitheater. Water fountains cool the air that flows into the fresh air ventilation system. The aesthetic character of
the place comes from sustainable strategies adopted.

Exhaust fans let out warm air allowing cool air to enter through the khus grass mats at 2 levels.Ceiling fans, exhaust fans and ducted fresh air system work together to make effective ventilation.

Three layered facade with CSE Brick Jali, pivoted glass windows and wet khus grass mat cools the breeze.Local khus grass mat integrated into design for air cooling, acoustics & daylight glare control.CSE Brick is used to make rat-trap bond cavity wall. Cellular CSE Bricks form staggered jali panels.

The Hall & Amphitheater work as a cultural hub. The site planning and landscape of CSE bricks, steps and green connect them together.The corridor and staircase act as functional and thermal buffer along the east and west sides. The roof skylights let in diffused north light and house the south facing solar panels. The cut and fill of earth is balanced to make the plinth and earth bricks. Cool air from the water fountain is distributed through the fresh air ventilation ducts.