Orion Centre,Colombo
Colombo,Sri Lanka
Built Up Area
27178 Sq.Ft

Colombo needs a new iconic building-a symbol of the emergence of the new spirit and prosperity to come-of people,community and commerce.The Orion centre promises to be this icon.

The site is located in an urban context and is easily accessible.It has a great visibility and branding potential and is along the major vehicular streets.The building being high-rise offers a great opportunity to become an iconic building with city wide visibility.It is a mixed use building and is driven by modern commerce,mall-culture,entertainment,work and recreation-all together in one place.

The mixed use as a vertical street is carried forward in form and different uses influence the look and form of the building.Blank facades contrast with glazed surfaces,voids and green terraces.

The development towards an iconic form reflects the dynamic and progressive qualities of modern economies.
Subtle twist and shift along vertical articulates the form.