Roots Academy
Banglore, India
Built Up Area
15000 sq. Ft

Roots is a school with a progressive view of education run by Pruthvi and Pranothi Banawasi. To nurture the kids, an open environment is designed. An existing building was remodeled for the classrooms and the rest of the site was carved into a variety of shared learning spaces. An art cluster of 3 ‘huts’ around a small court-like space is where learning is most enjoyed. Larger gathering activities are held in the multipurpose hall next to the huts.

The intimate architecture in compressed earth blocks and reused packaging wood is hugged by the landscape . Finishes are kept natural and earthy. The architecture lends itself as a canvas for the teachers and children to energize and and use in multiple ways. The light roof structure in reused packing wood is held up by clever structural design in steel.